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New Multi Day Trips published for the Whale Season July to Sep

We have published new multi day trips for experienced divers for the Whale season July to September. Last minute prices for the 3 days trip 31st of July to 2nd of August USD 595.00 for 3 days / 2 nights / 9 dives and the 2 days trip 5th to 6th of August USD 405.00 for 2 days / 1 night / 6 dives. Another 3 days trip confirmed for 16th to 19th of September. Please visit our multi day […]

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The Lucky Whale Shark

rare but possible all year around

On yesterday´s dive trip to Coiba we had an encounter with one of the most impressive visitors to Coiba´s rich waters. The biggest fish of the world visit Coiba frequently between December and February/March where they can be seen on many of our dive trips. The rest of the year they can still be seen, though rarely. We don’t know much about these creatures, but in our nine years of experience in diving Coiba National Park we believe that there […]

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Instillation of Mooring Systems at Coiba National Park Completed

The two last mooring systems have been installed yesterday (the 2nd of July) at the dive sites of Shark City and Frijoles Ridge. Mission complete! Within the next week we will re-install twenty mooring systems at the Las Perlas Archipelago at the Bay of Panama.

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Instillation of Mooring Buoys at Coiba National Park

loading 40 new mooring systems for Coiba National Park

Scuba Coiba has been contracted by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Conservation International to install and monitor forty new mooring buoys at dive and snorkel sites throughout Coiba National Park. The operation, coordinated and supervised by dive professional Kevan Mantell, was started on May 16th and will terminate by end of this month. The moorings will not only have a positive impact on conservation and sustainable use of the dive sites at Coiba, but also will increase the safety […]

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Humpback Whales are Already Arriving

On yesterday´s dive trip we encountered the first humpback whales that arrive every year around June to give birth and teach their babies how to swim and dive. The mothers will stay with their calves until October or November before they leave for their icy feeding grounds. The shallow waters of the Gulf of Chiriqui and Coiba National Park are an important summer breeding ground for the migrating animals, which can be spotted here in big numbers this time of […]


Therefore Shark Sightings @ Uninhabited Coiba are Guaranteed

A new study finds that populated islands are not the place to do shark dives, as many as 90 percent of reef sharks have disappeared from their reefs. A study printed in Conservation Biology shows. Researchers at the University of Miami pulled shark-sighting data from more than 1,607 dives at 46 reefs in the central-western Pacific, from populated sites like the Hawaiian Islands and American Samoa to reefs nearly devoid of human influence, to see the numbers of gray, black-tip, white-tip, […]

New Road to Santa Catalina Now Finished

When we opened our shop in 2003, it took about 3 hours in dry season and 4 hours and a 4×4 truck in rainy season to reach Santa Catalina from Santiago, driving on potholed and dirt roads. Today the last piece of road between Sona and Santa Catalina has been completely rebuilt and paved and it is now finally a smooth drive from Santiago down to Santa Catalina taking only 1.5 hours (or less than 5 hours for the whole trip from Panama City).


Scuba Coiba has a New Website!

We’re super excited to share our new website with you all! We’ve designed a site that is more user-friendly yet still comprehensive, detailing our services and diving in the Gulf of Chiriqui and Coiba National Park. Check it out and please send us your thoughts. We look forward to seeing you here in Santa Catalina!