First IDC (PADI Instructor course) on both sides Carribean and Pacific 24th of November

Instructeur PADI

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor – First Instructor Development Course (IDC) held partially in Santa Catalina Coiba. The course will be held partially in Panama City (theory and pool), Carribean and Pacific side of Panama. IDC PANAMA 24th of November to 9th of December 2018 with Course Director Patrick Arendt Cost: from $ 1,150.00 To ensure that you can concentrate fully on your IDC, your Course Director Patrick Arendt and its Course Staff provide dedicated Instructor Training in English, Allemand, […]

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New accommodation for Coiba Multi-Day trips offered for trips from November 2017 onwards

pastenague pélagiques

– Coiba Ranger Station has been closed by the government – but we found THE Alternative Location After more than a year of workshops, consultations, meetings and working out new strategies to improve the accommodation situation of Coiba Ranger Station and promoting Coiba National Park as one of the future cornerstones to promote Sustainable Tourism in Panamá the Panamanian government decided end of October to close the Coiba Ranger Station and to cancel all existing and future reservations from 1st […]

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Offre spéciale Juillet à Septembre: Plongeon 2 or more days, get a FREE Specialty Certification

Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of normal Diving Package! Scuba Coiba is promoting the protection of marine turtles and supports Seashepherd’s Panama organization. Did you know that 6 of the 7 marine turtle species can bee found in Panamá? 4 of them can be found around Coiba National Park. All of them are classified either as vulnerable or endangeroued. Juin, Juillet, August and September are the months, where most of them visit sandy beaches here to […]

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PROMOTION VACANCES Forfait de Juillet à Septembre,en 2017: Advanced certification & Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of a normal Advanced Course

Advanced certification & Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of a normal Advanced Course! Scuba Coiba is promoting the protection of sharks and supports Seashepherd’s current campaign OPERATION TREASURED ISLANDS, launched by Seashepherd in April 2017 covering the area of the “Cocos Plate” with its “sharky” outcroppings Galapagos (Equateur), Malpelo (Colombia), Cocos (Costa Rica) and Coiba (Panamá), a zone of incredible bio-diversity. The mission of the campaign is to show the abuse and damage of illegal shark fishing practices in […]

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Possibilités d'emploi chez Scuba Coiba Santa Catalina

Changez votre vie - Vivez votre rêve – Work in Paradise! Notre centre de plongée est situé à Santa Catalina, sur la côte Panama's Pacifique et a été le premier centre de plongée l'organisation de voyages à l'ancienne île de la prison et maintenant site du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO Parc national de Coiba. Nous accueillons les clients internationaux, principalement d'Amérique du Nord et en Europe, offrant des excursions de plongée et cours de plongée tout autour de l'année. Nous embauchons: instructeur PADI ou Dive Master, à partir Avril / Mai 2017 exigences: panaméen […]

Au Orca – le seul vrai bateau de plongée sur Coiba – fonctionne à nouveau

Au Orca, our customs built dive boat, featuring tank racks for 16 réservoirs, and seats for 10 plongeurs – 5 on each side of the boat, is running again after an overhaul and fitting a completely rebuilt engine. This is just in time for the soon starting rainy season, as it is the only boat in Santa Catalina, outfitted with a cabin and a hardtop roof covering the whole length of the boat. Though it is still a “lancha” ou […]

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Les cours PADI au Parc national de Coiba

Why not combine your first trial dive swimming with reef sharks and turtles? Why not do your PADI Open Water course with diving at Central America’s “meilleurs sites de plongée” (Planète seule)? Why not get your Advanced– et / or Specialty certification where you really see sea life and really have varying and challenging conditions? Ask the ORIGINAL Coiba Specialist Tel and whatsapp (+507)6980-7122 E-mail: Next PADI OPEN WATER course 17th to 19th of March. With e-learning 18th to 19th of […]

Planet Ocean

Il y a 5 Océans qui couvrent la surface de la terre et ils sont tous reliés les uns aux autres pour former un énorme 'Global Ocean'. L'océan mondial est si vaste qu'il prend 71% de la planète. Il ya toujours de nouveaux éléments d'information sur les océans popping up, Mais les scientifiques et les biologistes marins ont seulement vraiment exploré 5% de l'océan, même si elle est une si petite quantité, nous savons déjà beaucoup. Le plus grand sur l'océan […]

Coiba National Park`s Rich History and Beautiful Diving

Never heard of Coiba National Park? Well it is time to do so as you would miss out on some spectacular diving here. Funnily enough Coiba National Park and its special Zone of Marine Protection, is still not very well known among the diver community despite of its vast variety of marine flora and fauna. Thanks to its upstream water of the deep sea mixing with Pacific currents mesmerizing underwater sceneries are found in Coiba. Species as large as whale […]

Meet Coiba National Park’s: Tito the Crocodile

Well, one of the highlights on Coiba Island is Tito the crocodile. And we are going to tell you a little about him before you might meet him yourself. Coiba Island is the ideal habitat for Crocodiles with primary tropical rain forest, 150 miles of coastline, numerous rivers and mangrove habitats. And the most famous one, frequenting the ranger station is TITO, (approx.) a 14 foot saltwater American crocodile. But don´t you worry, you are not going to dive with […]