PROMOTION Package from 16th of April till 21st of May 2017: Advanced certification & Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of a normal Advanced Course

Scuba Coiba is promoting the protection of sharks and supports Seashepherd’s current campaign OPERATION TREASURED ISLANDS, launched by Seashepherd in April 2017 covering the area of the “Cocos Plate” with its “sharky” outcroppings Galapagos (厄瓜多尔), Malpelo (Colombia), Cocos (哥斯达黎加) and Coiba (Panamá), a zone of incredible bio-diversity. The mission of the campaign is to show the abuse and damage of illegal shark fishing practices in these national parks, remove ghost nets and long lines and report poachers to the authorities. Divers should […]

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改变你的生活 - 住你的梦想 – 在乐园工作! 我们的潜水中心位于圣卡塔利娜上Panama's太平洋沿岸,并已在第一潜水中心举办前往前监狱岛,现在联合国教科文组织世界遗产柯义巴岛国家公园. 我们迎合国际客户, 主要来自北美和欧洲, 提供各地今年潜水游和潜水课程. 我们聘请: PADI潜水教练或潜水长, 4月开始 / 五月 2017 要求: Panamanian […]

香格里拉奥卡 – the only real dive boat on Coiba – running again

香格里拉奥卡, our customs built dive boat, featuring tank racks for 16 坦克, and seats for 10 各个 – 5 on each side of the boat, is running again after an overhaul and fitting a completely rebuilt engine. This is just in time for the soon starting rainy season, as it is the only boat in Santa Catalina, outfitted with a cabin and a hardtop roof covering the whole length of the boat. Though it is still a “lancha” 或 […]

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PADI courses at Coiba National Park

Why not combine your first trial dive swimming with reef sharks and turtles? Why not do your PADI Open Water course with diving at Central America’s “best diving” (Lonely Planet)? Why not get your Advanced– 和 / or Specialty certification where you really see sea life and really have varying and challenging conditions? Ask the ORIGINAL Coiba Specialist Tel and whatsapp (+507)6980-7122 电子邮件: Next PADI OPEN WATER course 17th to 19th of March. With e-learning 18th to 19th of […]


有 5 海洋覆盖地球表面并且它们都彼此连接,以形成一个巨大的'全球海洋'. 全球海洋是如此巨大,它占用了 71% 行星. 总有一些关于海洋信息的新位雨后春笋般冒出来, 然而,科学家和海洋生物学家才真正探讨 5% 海洋, 即使它是这样少量, 我们已经知道了不少. 最大的海洋上 […]

Coiba National Park`s Rich History and Beautiful Diving

Never heard of Coiba National Park? Well it is time to do so as you would miss out on some spectacular diving here. Funnily enough Coiba National Park and its special Zone of Marine Protection, is still not very well known among the diver community despite of its vast variety of marine flora and fauna. Thanks to its upstream water of the deep sea mixing with Pacific currents mesmerizing underwater sceneries are found in Coiba. Species as large as whale […]

Meet Coiba National Park’s: Tito the Crocodile

Well, one of the highlights on Coiba Island is Tito the crocodile. And we are going to tell you a little about him before you might meet him yourself. Coiba Island is the ideal habitat for Crocodiles with primary tropical rain forest, 150 miles of coastline, numerous rivers and mangrove habitats. And the most famous one, frequenting the ranger station is TITO, (approx.) a 14 foot saltwater American crocodile. But don´t you worry, you are not going to dive with […]

新价格 2015

Scuba Coiba TheOriginal Dive Center

亲爱的同胞潜水员, 水肺Coiba, 该ORIGINAL潜水中心在圣卡塔利娜和科伊瓦岛​​国家公园总是试图提供最好的价格提供最好的服务. 虽然通货膨胀率在过去巴拿马政府在增加, 我们的价格是不变的,因为 2012. 从 2012 到现在为止,我们所需要的产品和劳动力成本价格上涨已经大致 12,1 %. 我们的价格到十二月底 2014 仍然是相同 2012!. 但是,从1月1日,我们要增加 […]

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Now comes the time for whale encounters in Coiba – but follow the established procedures

If you visit Coiba between July and September it is more likely than unlikely to see humpback whales around. 五月六月座头鲸从南凉开始每年年底来柯义巴访问的温暖和浅海水域作为苗圃地. 女性生出牛犊在7月,教他们游泳和跳水,直到10月 / 十一月, 当他们开始赶路南下他们的喂养理由再次. […]

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经过忙碌的五月的前两个星期,我们采取了我们的旗舰 “逆戟鲸” 做出来的水 “一些” mainatainance work – 所以我们认为. 当我们采取了关闭部分楼层, 我们看到, 该工作很多个小时后,在惊涛骇浪 5 岁月, 了很多的结构已经被破坏和断裂,甚至已经没有足够的或足够强大的结构的条件下,我们在我们的潜水旅行中遇到的 […]

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