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We suggest making a reservation in advance, especially for dates during holiday seasons such as Christmas and Easter and for groups of four or more divers. We provide other services on request, as well, such as transportation for groups to and from Panama City, Boquete, David, and Bocas del Toro.

For all reservations please contact us to confirm availability, or book on-line here

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By making a deposit you agree to Scuba Coiba’s terms and conditions, listed here. See our Notes section below for additional important information on prices and booking.

 If no minimum of participants mentioned, all trips and courses require a minimum of 2 people.

Coiba National Park Day Trips

Coiba Beach

Full Day at Coiba/Low Season (15th April-15. DECEmber 2017)

  • 2-Tank Dive
  • $115 Diver + $20 Park fee (plus rental)
  • non-diver $60 + $20 Park fee

FULL DAY AT COIBA/High SEASON (16th.December 2017 -29th.April 2018)

  • 2-Tank Dive
  • $125 Diver + $20 Park fee (plus rental)
  • non-diver $60 + $20 Park fee

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Half-Day at Coiba’s Canales Islands

  • 2-tank dive
  • 4 diver minimum
  • $95.00/diver
  • $60.00/non-diver

Contact Us to reserve your spot! Groups only!

Local Day Trips


HALF Day at Octavio, Pelones, & Cebaco Islands

  • 2-tank dive
  • $70.00/diver
  • $30.00/non-diver

or Contact Us to reserve your spot!

Multi-Day Coiba National Park Trips

Coiba Trip

2-Day Trip

  • 1 night on Coiba Island
  • 6 dives
  • 2 diver minimum
  • $460.00/diver
  • $280.00/non-diver

3-Day Trip

  • 2 nights on Coiba Island
  • 9 dives
  • 2 diver minimum
  • $675.00/diver
  • $405.00/non-diver

+Trip Additions

  • Add dives: $30.00/dive – Night dives $50
  • Add days of diving: $215.00/person
  • Add days for non-divers: $135.00/person
  • Add days non diving, but guided tours (kayaking, hiking, birding): $215.00/person

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See our
Multi-Day Trips Page
for even more options!

PADI Courses

PADI Students
PADI Instructor

Discover Scuba Diving, Coiba National Park

    • 1 day
    • $140.00/person + $20 Parkfee

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Scuba Diver Limited Certification

  • 2 days
  • 2 dives
  • $290.00/person *

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Open Water Certification

  • 3-4 days
  • 4 dives
  • $430.00/person * ask for combi with Coiba Multi-Day trip from $ 590.00 *
  • DO THE THEORY PART AT HOME ON-LINE AND SAVE A HOLIDAY DAY PLUS GET A USD 70.00 DISCOUNT (please go to our course page for details)

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Advanced Open Water Certification

  • 2+ days
  • 5 dives
  • $410.00/person * Ask for combinations with Multi Day Trips starting at $590.00

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Perform the Knowledge and Confined Water portion of your Open Water Diver Certification at your local PADI dive center then complete only your Open Water Dives here with us! You can finish your certification here while enjoying great diving in warm ocean waters.

  • Add $25.00/dive in addition to above diving or trip price

Contact Us to reserve your spot!

*) Course prices include PADI Course Manual, certification costs and rental gear. 

Prices do not include $20.00 park entry fee.

*) discounts:  

  • $70.00 for signinng up with PADI e-learning
  • $30.00 for bringing your own PADI manual

Rental Equipment

Full rental equipment rental is $15.00/day for trips. Prices listed below are for separate equipment rentals without a trip booked with Scuba Coiba.

  • Tank: $15.00/tank on the first day, $10.00/day each day thereafter
  • Weightbelt: $3.00/day
  • Weights: $0.25/pound
  • BCD: $8.00/day
  • Regulator: $8.00/day
  • Shorty or full wetsuit: $8.00/day
  • ABC equipment (mask, snorkel, fins or part): $8.00/day
  • Computer: $10.00/day
  • Divelamp: $10.00/day
  • Filling of client’s personal tank: $6.00/day


  • All Prices are in U.S. Dollars.
  • Prices DO NOT include 7% VAT
  • Trip prices include a divemaster, tanks and weights
  • Day trips do not include food (drinking water and snacks are on the boat as courtesey)
  • Trip prices do not include rental equipment (except for beginner courses and programs Discover Scuba, Scuba Diver and Open Water); add $15.00/day for full rental equipment.
  • Add $20.00/person park entrance fee for trips to Coiba National Park.