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Immersione 2 or more days without sitting hours in a boat, stay at a basic hostel just 15 minutes from the National Park, provide for your own food (use of kitchen, gas, diesel for the generator is included!!)

Because of the shut down of the ranger station we have investigated our options to bring our divers as close to the dive sites as possible and to offer comfortable accommodations. We found an almost new hostel located in the closest village to the National Park, Bahia Honda. The village is only accessible by boat, but is less than 15 km from the borders of the park and only minutes (15 a 45) from some of the best dive sites we visit on our Day- and Multi-Day trips. So the available dive sites are the same, at the same distance as from the closed Ranger Station, the hostel is built just over the sea with a comfortable floating jetty to facilitate getting on and off the boat and hosts several buildings and out-door seating areas to enjoy a cold drink and the view over the bay while enjoying your aprés dive drink. The rooms are clean, have French windows e air condition and most of the time the rooms will be available as private rooms and not only dorms as on Coiba. We do not bring our private chef as we do on our Multi-Da ytrips, but we have organized a small kitchen with all important kitchen ware you need to provide for simple and easy to prepare meals (stove, cooler, gas, plates, cutlery, cups, pots and pans). The main advantage is, that you will sleep close to the National Park and avoid a 40 minutes boat ride from Santa Catalina in the morning and 40 minutes back in the evening and because of not providing your food, it is cheaper than our regular all inclusive Multi-Day trips below.


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