2019 IDC (PADI Instructor course) 双方加勒比和太平洋

PADI开放水域水肺教练 - 2019 教练发展历程 (IDC) held partially in Santa Catalina Coiba. The course will be held partially in Panama City (theory and pool), Carribean and Pacific side of Panama.



IDC的: 15月7日 – 30月7日

IDC乙: 30月7日 – 15日八月

IDCç: 15日八月 – 30日八月

IDC d: 1ST十一月 – 15个月

和IDC: 15个月 – 30个月

with Course Director Patrick Arendt

Cost: from $ 1,150.00

To ensure that you can concentrate fully on your IDC, your Course Director Patrick Arendt and its Course Staff provide dedicated Instructor Training in English, 德语, French, Luxemburgish and Spanish language support as well.

During the first two days IDC Pre-study, staff instructors will guide you through your reading assignments and help you understand PADI standards, educational philosophy, training suggestions and other background information.
您还将完成包括物理在内的新PADI潜水长考试,,en,生理,,en,技能,,en,环境,,en,设备和RDP,,en,潜水理论通常是IDC候选人最常见的改进领域,,en,您将收到有关您可能遇到的任何遗漏问题的宝贵反馈,,en,在游泳池中,您将练习IDC技能循环和救援潜水员课程练习中的24项技能,,en,来自讲师考试,,en,IE,,en,你的IDC有一个,,en,IE通过保证,,en,我们将邀请您免费与我们一起进行第二次IDC,,en, Physiology, Skills &
Environment, Equipment and the RDP. The dive theory is usually the most common improvement area for IDC candidates.
You’ll receive valuable feedback on any missed question you may have. In the pool you’ll practice the24 skills from the IDC Skill Circuit and the Rescue Diver Course exercise #7 from the Instructor Examination (IE).

Your IDC has an IE pass guarantee: We will invite you to do a second IDC with us for free, 包括你不通过IE的极不可能的事件,,en,我们的通行保证包括PADI IDC课程涵盖的任何IE细分,,en,请参阅完整的计划和详细信息,,en. Our pass guarantee includes any IE segment covered by PADI’s IDC Curriculum.

See the full program and details at http://www.panamadivingtours.com/idc-panama-2019

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