Coiba再次开放 – 巴拿马的鲨鱼目的地 – 让我们谈谈与鲨鱼一起潜水


鲨鱼潜水1×1 –入门指南适合许多人, 鲨鱼是可怕的怪物,正跳入水中, 以发现鲨鱼闻名, 听起来很疯狂. 对于潜水员而言并非如此. 每次潜水都最要看鲨鱼. 许多潜水员开始沉迷于这些完全适应且亲切的动物中游泳, 在我们的海洋巡逻 420 百万年. 不幸, 越来越少, 就像人类在数百人中杀死他们一样 […]

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让我们再次开始潜水Coiba –并帮助我们继续为您提供一流的潜水


12三日 2020 –在巴拿马旅游业的整个旺季–一切都被颠倒了. 柯伊巴国家公园仿效学校并关闭. 一天后, 禁止乘船旅行,并且整个国家已经完全停止潜水. 7 几个月后的10月12日, 国际机场和酒店业重新开放, 但是禁止进入海滩. 在31日再次允许进入海滩和潜水 […]

潜水- & 酒店优惠 $155 为 2 晚和B / F + 1 day diving Coiba

酒店黄檀木 (Option with central location, all in walking distance)   夏季期间,该酒店开业 2010. 它位于一个安静的小巷,从圣卡塔利娜中心仅几步之遥, 在距离海滩仅几步之遥, 餐厅, 冲浪休息和潜水商店. 酒店提供了五个空调, 宽敞的和精心布置的客房,每一个吊扇, 热水和私人阳台或露台,客人可以放松,观看sunset.Hotel黄檀木也有一个 […]



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2019 IDC (PADI Instructor course) 双方加勒比和太平洋


PADI开放水域水肺教练 - 2019 教练发展历程 (IDC) held partially in Santa Catalina Coiba. The course will be held partially in Panama City (theory and pool), Carribean and Pacific side of Panama. IDC项目PANAMA 2019: IDC的: 15月7日 – 30月7日IDC乙: 30月7日 – 15日八月IDCÇ: 15日八月 – 30日八月IDC d: 1ST十一月 – 15个月IDCË: 15个月 – 30个月与课程主任帕特里克·阿伦特成本: […]

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New accommodation for Coiba Multi-Day trips offered for trips from November 2017 onwards


– Coiba Ranger Station has been closed by the government – but we found THE Alternative Location After more than a year of workshops, consultations, meetings and working out new strategies to improve the accommodation situation of Coiba Ranger Station and promoting Coiba National Park as one of the future cornerstones to promote Sustainable Tourism in Panamá the Panamanian government decided end of October to close the Coiba Ranger Station and to cancel all existing and future reservations from 1st […]

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特别优惠七月至九月,,en,天以上,,en,免费获得专业认证,,en: 潜水 2 or more days, get a FREE Specialty Certification

Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of normal Diving Package! Scuba Coiba is promoting the protection of marine turtles and supports Seashepherd’s Panama organization. Did you know that 6 of the 7 marine turtle species can bee found in Panamá? 4 of them can be found around Coiba National Park. All of them are classified either as vulnerable or endangeroued. 六月, 七月, August and September are the months, where most of them visit sandy beaches here to […]

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促销推广休闲包七月至九月,en 2017: Advanced certification & Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of a normal Advanced Course

Advanced certification & Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of a normal Advanced Course! Scuba Coiba is promoting the protection of sharks and supports Seashepherd’s current campaign OPERATION TREASURED ISLANDS, launched by Seashepherd in April 2017 covering the area of the “Cocos Plate” with its “sharky” outcroppings Galapagos (厄瓜多尔), Malpelo (Colombia), Cocos (哥斯达黎加) and Coiba (Panamá), a zone of incredible bio-diversity. The mission of the campaign is to show the abuse and damage of illegal shark fishing practices in […]

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改变你的生活 - 住你的梦想 – 在乐园工作! 我们的潜水中心位于圣卡塔利娜上Panama's太平洋沿岸,并已在第一潜水中心举办前往前监狱岛,现在联合国教科文组织世界遗产柯义巴岛国家公园. 我们迎合国际客户, 主要来自北美和欧洲, 提供各地今年潜水游和潜水课程. 我们聘请: PADI潜水教练或潜水长, 4月开始 / 五月 2017 要求: Panamanian […]

香格里拉奥卡 – the only real dive boat on Coiba – running again

香格里拉奥卡, our customs built dive boat, featuring tank racks for 16 坦克, and seats for 10 各个 – 5 on each side of the boat, is running again after an overhaul and fitting a completely rebuilt engine. This is just in time for the soon starting rainy season, as it is the only boat in Santa Catalina, outfitted with a cabin and a hardtop roof covering the whole length of the boat. Though it is still a “lancha” 或 […]

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