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2019 IDC (PADI Instructor course) em ambos os lados das Caraíbas e do Pacífico

Instrutor PADI

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor - 2019 Curso de Desenvolvimento instrutor (IDC) held partially in Santa Catalina Coiba. The course will be held partially in Panama City (theory and pool), Carribean and Pacific side of Panama. IDC PROGRAMA PANAMA 2019: a IDC: 15de julho – 30th July IDC B: 30de julho – 15th Aug IDC C: 15th agosto – 30th Aug IDC D: 1st novembro – 15th Nov IDC E: 15th novembro – 30th Nov with Course Director Patrick Arendt Cost: […]

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Oferta Especial julho-setembro,,en,ou mais dias,,en,obter uma Certificação GRÁTIS Especialidade,,en: Mergulho 2 or more days, get a FREE Specialty Certification

Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of normal Diving Package! Scuba Coiba is promoting the protection of marine turtles and supports Seashepherd’s Panama organization. Did you know that 6 of the 7 marine turtle species can bee found in Panamá? 4 of them can be found around Coiba National Park. All of them are classified either as vulnerable or endangeroued. Junho, Julho, August and September are the months, where most of them visit sandy beaches here to […]

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Promoção de férias Pacote de Julho a Setembro,en 2017: Advanced certification & Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of a normal Advanced Course

Advanced certification & Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of a normal Advanced Course! Scuba Coiba is promoting the protection of sharks and supports Seashepherd’s current campaign OPERATION TREASURED ISLANDS, launched by Seashepherd in April 2017 covering the area of the “Cocos Plate” with its “sharky” outcroppings Galapagos (Equador), Malpelo (Colombia), Cocos (Costa Rica) and Coiba (Panamá), a zone of incredible bio-diversity. The mission of the campaign is to show the abuse and damage of illegal shark fishing practices in […]

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Job Possibilities at Scuba Coiba Santa Catalina

Change your life – Live your dream – Work in Paradise! Our dive center is located in Santa Catalina on Panama´s Pacific coast and has been the first dive center organizing trips to the former prison island and now UNESCO World Heritage site Coiba National Park. We cater to international customers, mainly from North America and Europe, offering diving tours and diving courses all around the year. We hire: PADI instructor or Dive Master, starting April / Maio 2017 Requisits: Panamanian […]

No Orca – o único barco verdadeiro mergulho em Coiba – funcionando novamente

No Orca, our customs built dive boat, featuring tank racks for 16 tanques, and seats for 10 diversos – 5 on each side of the boat, is running again after an overhaul and fitting a completely rebuilt engine. This is just in time for the soon starting rainy season, as it is the only boat in Santa Catalina, outfitted with a cabin and a hardtop roof covering the whole length of the boat. Though it is still a “lancha” ou […]

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cursos PADI no Parque Nacional Coiba

Why not combine your first trial dive swimming with reef sharks and turtles? Why not do your PADI Open Water course with diving at Central America’s “melhor mergulho” (Planeta solitário)? Why not get your Advanced– e / or Specialty certification where you really see sea life and really have varying and challenging conditions? Ask the ORIGINAL Coiba Specialist Tel and whatsapp (+507)6980-7122 E-mail: Next PADI OPEN WATER course 17th to 19th of March. With e-learning 18th to 19th of […]

Planet Ocean

tem 5 Oceanos, que cobrem a superfície da Terra e estão todos ligados uns aos outros para formar um enorme 'Global Ocean'. O oceano global é tão grande que ele ocupa 71% do planeta. Há sempre novos bits de informação sobre os oceanos aparecendo, no entanto cientistas e biólogos marinhos só tem realmente explorado 5% do oceano, mesmo que seja uma quantidade tão pequena, já sabemos bastante. O maior oceano em […]