Dive Boat Orca rebuilt by our own Team

After a busy first two weeks in May we took our flagship “Orca” out of the water to do “some” mainatainance work – so we thought. When we took a part of the floor off, we saw, that after working many hours in rough waters for 5 years, a lot of the structure has been damaged and broken and that there even has not been enough or strong enough structure for the conditions we encounter in our dive trips to Coiba located more than 50 kms away from Santa Catalina.

Our crew – the long term Scuba Coiba Team of Santa Catalina locals, Orlando, Cholo, Casimiro and Armando – has gathered experience over the years in boat repairs and they have not been always happy with the results of “outsourced” repairs and remodellings.

After being disappointed with results of motor repairs by outside mechanics, we have started to repair our own motors ourselves this year with success. So we decided also to repair and rebuild our own boats.

After 33 working days and close to USD 2,000 in materials we proudly present a new, a stronger and faster “Orca”. A big Thank You to The Team, Great Job!

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