Die Orca – die einzige wirkliche Tauchboot auf Coiba – läuft wieder

Die Orca, our customs built dive boat, featuring tank racks for 16 Flaschen, and seats for 10 verschiedene – 5 on each side of the boat, is running again after an overhaul and fitting a completely rebuilt engine. This is just in time for the soon starting rainy season, as it is the only boat in Santa Catalina, outfitted with a cabin and a hardtop roof covering the whole length of the boat.

Though it is still a “lancha” oder “panga”, running with an outboard engine, it is the most comfortable boat for divers: no rolling tanks on the floor, divers are seated on the side of the boat in front of their set up scuba gear and can enter the water at the same time (5 from each side of the boat), what makes exits and entries faster and smoother. The long hard top roof and front cabin provides better protection from sun, rain and wind and makes the 1 zu 1:20 hour trip between Santa Catalina and Coiba more comfortable.

Together with our smaller dive boat Robin, Scuba Coiba is the only dive center in Santa Catalina, using its own customs built dive boats. These boats are operated by a seasoned local crew of captains and marineros, having your safety and comfort in mind.

"La Orca" & "Robin" bei Coiba

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