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Coiba National Park isn’t the only location available to dive here in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Consider giving a few of or local Santa Catalina dive sites a try. A day of “local diving” would include two dives at two different sites with a break in between at a secluded, sandy beach for lunch. This option is very popular for groups with non-diving guests, allowing exploration of deserted islands and opportunities for great snorkeling, too!

These local dive sites are outside of Coiba National Park (which means no park fees!) and closer to Santa Catalina; some of the spots can be reached in as little as 15 minutes.

At these dive sites you’re practically guaranteed to not see other divers in the water. Also, locally we are still continuing to discover new divesites on a regular basis, so you might even have the chance to be the first human diving at a particular local divesite.

Marine Wildlife

Many of our local dive spots can even be compared to sites within Coiba National Park, offering an incredible array of underwater wildlife sightings. Snappers, jacks, tuna, butterflyfish, angelfish, pufferfish and free swimming moray eels are present on almost every dive. We even at times see turtles, whale sharks, whitetip reef sharks, bull sharks, manta and eagle rays, dolphins, humpback and pilot whales. We are discovering more and more spots with regular sightings of bull sharka and hammerheads.

Local Divesite Map

This map is under construction!

[bgmp-map categories="local-dive-sites" width="700" height="500" zoom="10" center="7.530637857158153,-81.26655578613281"]

Quotes from Publications

“Our dives around Santa Catalina… were notable for their huge aggregations of schooling fish. There were enormous schools of oversized jacks, snappers and grunts and numerous moray eels.” (DIVER Magazine, May 2005)

“Again, splendid fish action, plus green and brown morays that squirmed around the rocks.” (Undercurrent Magazine, March 2006)