New accommodation for Coiba Multi-Day trips offered for trips from November 2017 onwards

– Coiba Ranger Station has been closed by the government – but we found THE Alternative Location

After more than a year of workshops, consultations, meetings and working out new strategies to improve the accommodation situation of Coiba Ranger Station and promoting Coiba National Park as one of the future cornerstones to promote Sustainable Tourism in Panamá the Panamanian government decided end of October to close the Coiba Ranger Station and to cancel all existing and future reservations from 1ST of November onwards. This information came as an informal phone message to us and all other providers of diving- and other adventure tours as a surprise, without any explanation, contingency plan or offer of a transition period for already existing reservations.

The Coiba National Park will of course still be accessible for divers and 水肺Coiba will continue to offer the same services as we do since 2003:

  • diving in day trips leaving from Santa Catalina every day at 8:00 am and returning after 2 或 3 dives around 4:00 下午
  • our 多日游 for serious and experienced divers, who’s main purpose is to dive the best sites of Coiba for several days without spending hours sitting on boats.

Because of the shut sown of the ranger station we have investigated our options to bring our divers as close to the dive sites as possible and to offer comfortable accommodations. We found an almost new hostel located in the closest village to the National Park, Bahia Honda. Bahia Honda, only accessible by boat is less than 15 km from the borders of the park and only minutes (15 至 45) from some of the best dive sites we visit on our Multi-Day trips. So the available dive sites are the same, at the same distance as from the closed Ranger Station, 宿舍是建立刚刚超过一个舒适的浮动码头海面,以方便上下车的船,承载几个建筑物和外门的休息区享用冷饮和视图海湾,同时等待晚餐所服务,,en,并为众所周知的全方位服务,为您的幸福,,en,但对于这个原因,它也将吸引更交通艇和参观我们的隐私干涉,,en. The rooms are clean, have French windowsair condition and most of the time the rooms will be available as private rooms and not only dorms as on Coiba. Same as on Coiba we will bring all the food and our private chef and provide our well known all-around service for your well-being. It does not offer a beach in front of the rooms, but for this reason it also will attract much less boat traffic and visitors interfering with our privacy. But we will visit a lot of beaches during our Multi-Day trips.

Our first Multi-Day trip using this location will be 9 至 10 of November. All other trips published at our MULTI-DAY TRIP page from November 2017 on are planned to use Bahia Honda as our base. We will keep looking for other places close tour dive sites and will publish any changes.

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