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Coiba National Park and its adjacent Pacific coast and islands is Panama’s crown jewel of development for international and national green- and adventure tourism projects and a top choice for living permanentely or temporarily in a lush green setting at or close to the beautiful shoreline.

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Panama Central America

The administrative and commercial center of this area is the small district capital of Soná, just 45 minutes from the capital of the Veraguas province, Santiago, or 2 hours from Chiriqui’s capital David. Soná hosts supermarkets, banks, a hospital and a private clinic. The center of activities is based in the small community of Santa Catalina, well known for its cnsistent surfbreak. It has already hosted 2 surf world championships. Since 2004 it has developped a scuba dive industry, offering the best diving experience one can get along the Pacific coast of Central America and is the gateway for this and other activities around Coiba Natioal Park. A lot of other outdoor activities can be organized from Santa Catalina.

Ciba and coastal zone

As the devlopment of the area is a priority of the agenda of Panama’s government, other areas and villages of the coastline are starting to get developped, but still offer the opportunity for extraordinary interesting possibilities to buy properties. The most intersting one probably is the small fishing comunity of Pixvae, what is situated along a sandy cove in a calm bay, offering spectacular views of the ocean and the islands of Coiba National Park. Pixvae is only 20 minutes by boat to some of the best dive- and snorkeling spots of Coiba National Park. The road from Sona to Pixvae is only 42 km and has been recently repared. It is still a gravel road, but in good enough condition that Pixvae can be reached in a 4×4 in approximately 1 1/2 hours. It is planned that the road will be paved in 2020/2021. Many people think, that a good part of future activities taking place inside Coiba National Park (diving, sport fishing, wildlife observations) will start from Pixvae.


All properties described are titled land. Access to Pixvae is by road (4×4 in the moment) from Soná (approximately 1:30) or by boat from Santa Catalina or Playa Banco (1:15), Puerto Vidal (2 hours by road from David then from there 50 minutes by boat), Pixvae has also a privately owned airstrip. The village has a public school, a police station, a public transportation serevice to Soná and some little grocery stores for basic goods.There is still no permanent electricity or water supply. In the village of Pixvae public water supply is existent some hours of the day, electricity in the village is provided by a community generator from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The village has no phone reception, only one publlic telephone boot; free WiFi is provided around the public school. So some investments into infrastructure have been done by a future investor / developper.

  • 5 hectares titled land on the hill for sale:

    property along road


hill with view

5 hectares titled land, hillside with 4 plateaus, undisturbed view along the pacific coast to the islands of Coiba National Park, Montuosa and Secas islands. Situated alongside the public road Sona-Pixvae. Almost 400 meters/ 1200 feet above sea level, 10 minutes by car into the village.

Asking: USD 125.000 (negotiable)

contact: Herbert Sunk, tel / whatsapp (+507) 6872-8097, visitcoiba@gmail.com

  • 30 hectares titled land beside airstrip for sale:


private airstrip

30 hectares titled property, on the hill neighboring the privately owned airstrip, no road access to the property, has to be extended from the entrance to the airstrip. From the road passing the airfield it is a 5 minute drive into the village

Asking: USD 250.000 (negotiable)

contact: Herbert Sunk, tel / whatsapp (+507) 6872-8097, visitcoiba@gmail.com


Properties and businesses for sale

hotel and restaurant, 1500 m2 titled property, operating

coming soon

2 properties, clean, paved road, water, electricity, 4000 and 6000 m2

coming soon