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Santa Catalina was discovered in the 1980s by international and national surf fanatics who for years kept the small fishing village and its incredible surf break a secret amongst themselves. During that time, Santa Catalina was accessible only by a dirt road, offering rustic accommodations and very few dining options.

Coiba National Park’s incredible turquoise waters, located just over an hour away from Santa Catalina, were just waiting to be explored by divers when in 2003 Herbie Sunk opened Scuba Coiba. The growth of the diving business upon the shop’s opening required the development of more comfortable accommodations, restaurants and the more easily accessible tourist infrastructure which exists today.

Though the village is now home to many hotels and restaurants, there is still no access to ATMs, a bank, a gas station or a supermarket. When coming to Santa Catalina please ensure to bring everything you need, including sufficient cash as most vendors do not accept credit cards, to last the duration of your stay.

Read more information about Santa Catalina at the website www.santacatalinabeach.com.