Special Offer July to September: Dive 2 or more days, get a FREE Specialty Certification

Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of normal Diving Package!

Scuba Coiba is promoting the protection of marine turtles and supports Seashepherd’s Panama organization.

Did you know that 6 of the 7 marine turtle species can bee found in Panamá? 4 of them can be found around Coiba National Park. All of them are classified either as vulnerable or endangeroued. June, July, August and September are the months, where most of them visit sandy beaches here to lay their eggs. Unfortunately poaching their eggs and selling them is still a common – but illegal – practice in Panamá.

You can help to protect them by learning a bit more about them, how to identify them, about their behaviour, food sources and dangers they have to confront.

Scuba Coiba offers in the months from July to September 2017  a SPECIAL OFFER for divers signing up for at least 2 days of diving:

Dive two days with Scuba Coiba – Get a FREE PADI AWARE Specialty (Turtle) Certification – let Scuba Coiba donate USD 10.00 to Sea Shepherd Panamá

The turtle Conservation course is hold by Panama’s Sea Shepher Director Ben J. Harris.

for booking please contact:

tel / whatsapp (+507) 6980-7122



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