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Neue Unterkunft fuer unsere Coiba Mehrtagestripps ab November 2017 2017 onwards

pelagischen sting ray

– Coiba Ranger Station has been closed by the government – but we found THE Alternative Location After more than a year of workshops, consultations, meetings and working out new strategies to improve the accommodation situation of Coiba Ranger Station and promoting Coiba National Park as one of the future cornerstones to promote Sustainable Tourism in Panamá the Panamanian government decided end of October to close the Coiba Ranger Station and to cancel all existing and future reservations from 1st […]

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PROMOTION Urlaubspaket von Juli bis September,en 2017: Advanced certification & Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of a normal Advanced Course

Advanced certification & Specialty certification & Donation to Seashepherd for the price of a normal Advanced Course! Scuba Coiba is promoting the protection of sharks and supports Seashepherd’s current campaign OPERATION TREASURED ISLANDS, launched by Seashepherd in April 2017 covering the area of the “Cocos Plate” with its “sharky” outcroppings Galapagos (Ecuador), Malpelo (Colombia), von Cocos (Costa Rica) and Coiba (Panamá), a zone of incredible bio-diversity. Die Mission der Kampagne ist es, den Missbrauch und Schaden von illegalen Hai Fischereipraktiken zu zeigen, in,en […]

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Die Orca – die einzige wirkliche Tauchboot auf Coiba – läuft wieder

Die Orca, our customs built dive boat, featuring tank racks for 16 Flaschen, and seats for 10 verschiedene – 5 on each side of the boat, is running again after an overhaul and fitting a completely rebuilt engine. This is just in time for the soon starting rainy season, as it is the only boat in Santa Catalina, outfitted with a cabin and a hardtop roof covering the whole length of the boat. Though it is still a “lancha” oder […]

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Neue Preise für 2015

Scuba Coiba TheOriginal Dive Center

Lieber Taucher, Scuba Coiba, Die ORIGINAL Dive Center in Santa Catalina und Coiba-Nationalpark immer versucht, den besten Service für den besten möglichen Preis. Obwohl die Inflationsrate während der letzten Regierung Panamas erhöht, unsere Preise sind unverändert seit 2012. Aus 2012 bis jetzt die Preiserhöhung der Produkte, die wir brauchen und die Arbeitskosten hat grob gewesen 12,1 %. Unsere Preise bis Ende Dezember 2014 sind weiterhin die gleichen wie in 2012!. Aber ab dem 1. Januar haben wir einen zu erhöhen […]

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