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Now comes the time for whale encounters in Coiba – but follow the established procedures

If you visit Coiba between July and September it is more likely than unlikely to see humpback whales around. Every year end of May to beginning of June humpback whales from the cold south are coming to Coiba visiting the warm and shallow waters as a nursery ground. The females give birth to their calves here in July and teach them swimming and diving till October / November, when they start their way down south to their feeding grounds again. […]

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Dive Boat Orca rebuilt by our own Team

After a busy first two weeks in May we took our flagship “Orca” out of the water to do “some” mainatainance work – so we thought. When we took a part of the floor off, we saw, that after working many hours in rough waters for 5 years, a lot of the structure has been damaged and broken and that there even has not been enough or strong enough structure for the conditions we encounter in our dive trips to […]

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Humpback Whales are Already Arriving

On yesterday´s dive trip we encountered the first humpback whales that arrive every year around June to give birth and teach their babies how to swim and dive. The mothers will stay with their calves until October or November before they leave for their icy feeding grounds. The shallow waters of the Gulf of Chiriqui and Coiba National Park are an important summer breeding ground for the migrating animals, which can be spotted here in big numbers this time of […]